inventions and gadgets that use solar energy

Today, thousands of inventions and gadgets that use solar energy to make life easier are now available on the market. Today we show you some of these objects that have captivated us do you want to know them?

Solar power bank

One of the everyday gadgets that works with solar energy, are the chargers for smartphones with photovoltaic power panels. An invention that serves us to use it anywhere. The investment of these add-ons is very low and of course the load from now on will always be sustainable, clean, free and inexhaustible.

Children’s toys

Fortunately, some companies are already betting on including solar as the main source in their products, especially when it comes to children’s toys. It is essential that you of the house learn and grow surrounded by sustainable products.

Solar backpacks

Another initiative worth admiring are sustainable fashion accessories such as solar backpacks. These backpacks have built-in solar honeycombs that are able to absorb and store the energy necessary to subsequently be able to charge any handheld device.

Medios de transporte

Today’s transports are not left behind when it comes to innovating, especially when it comes to finding sustainable solutions. Hybrid or electric cars are currently trending, but the first cars that have built-in photovoltaic plates on their roofs and bodies also begin to emerge. But the most interesting thing about all this is that the use of solar energy also moves to the use of ships and airplanes. There are several means of transport that have made long-term journeys through solar panels.

Solar barbecues

Another of the best sustainable inventions and perfect for outdoor use, is solar barbecue, capable of cooking food without fumes or coal. There are several types of barbecue alone, including the barbecue with single parabolic kitchen system or the Biogrí solar kitchen.

Solar plugs

Using a plug anywhere is now possible. Solar plugs are small gadgets that on the one hand accumulate energy thanks to their solar panels and on the other allows you to connect your electronics. Another easy and sustainable way to avoid using power from the electricity grid.

How did you like these inventions that feed on solar energy? At NostreSol we are proud that people are increasingly committed to renewable energy. Did you know any?