calabaza con cara y otros motivos de halloween

Nowadays, every celebration has its ecofriendly version. Previously, in our blog we have talked about Green Friday and “zero waste” Christmas, but today we will give you some ideas to have an eco-friendly Halloween 2021. Join us!

What is the celebration of Halloween?

Halloween is the contraction of All Hallow’s Eve and is a Celtic holiday traditionally celebrated in countries such as Canada, the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom. It is believed that the use of costumes and masks was due to the need to ward off evil spirits. The objective was, precisely, to adopt the appearance of an evil spirit to avoid being harmed.

How to make an ecological Halloween?

Making this a green Halloween 2021 will be much easier than you think, you just have to change some habits for more sustainable options, let’s go to practical examples.

  • An icon of Halloween is the pumpkin. Originally, natural pumpkins were used, hollowed out, a scary face was drawn on the pumpkin and a candle was placed inside. Nowadays, many people have replaced this tradition by buying plastic pumpkins. We suggest you do it the old-fashioned way. Besides, you can use all the flesh you extract from the pumpkin to make wonderful recipes!
  • Another main element is costumes. Put away your easygoing side and bring out your artistic side. Choosing to buy a costume that you’re only going to wear once is going to cause a lot of unnecessary waste, both financially and in terms of materials. Handcrafting your costume doesn’t have to be a hassle, it can be a lot of fun! When it comes to doing it, choose to use clothes, rags, fabrics and even objects that you are going to throw away. Also, if you have to use materials, try to use recyclable materials such as cardboard.
  • Time to decorate the house! On the occasion of Halloween, many dinners are held to gather with family or friends, so if you want to create a terrifying atmosphere, you will need a little decoration. To do this, follow the advice of the costumes: you can place some old broom, frayed rags and dirty and old-fashioned looking, some branches and dry leaves that abound in the parks now in autumn … Reuse paper and cardboard already used to paint terrifying motifs to decorate the room. Lighting is also very important, and there is nothing scarier than a dim atmosphere. Opt for energy-saving bulbs and natural candles that do not give off toxic substances to the environment.
  • The food. For a sustainable dinner, we also have several tips that can come in handy. Opt for seasonal foods and, if possible, locally produced. Avoid precooked food and products with excessive packaging.

Once the celebration is over, remember to recycle everything you have used properly!