El autoconsumo de energía solar sigue en aumento

In Spain, self-consumption of solar energy continues to increase. Despite the crisis in which we are immersed, born during the pandemic, the solar energy sector has not only not seen its demand reduced, but has experienced growth of approximately 30% compared to 2019.

So the reasons for this having happened are diverse and today we will explain them to you.

Reduced price power of photovoltaic self-consumption

The installation of photovoltaic solar panels has lowered in price. In addition, some bureaucratic hurdes that we could encounter a few years ago have been removed. In this sense, the management of necessary procedures for installation is much simpler and more economical. So much so that the price of panels has dropped by more than 80% in the last 10 years.

Solar energy as an economic investment

We already know, too, that to this day, having the money standing in the bank does not imply much profitability. This, coupled with the rapid amortization of investment, has made photovoltaic installations one of the most common ways to invest money today.

In addition, as we have already told you on several occasions, in some autonomous communities and cities today deductions in the IBI by solar installations, such as in Murcia or Valencia.

Rising of light price

In recent years, there has been a clear tendency to high the price of light. That money we spend on bills every month can be replaced by photovoltaic investment.

If we think about it, the question is simple: why overspending on a electricity bill, if we can amortize the installation of solar panels in a relatively short period of time? Saving on monthly electricity bills is the most important reason, so everyone wants to find a way to pay less.

Responsible consumption

Finally, of course, one of the reasons is also the sustainability of consumption using photovoltaic solar panels. Solar installations are a green alternative that cares for the environment. For this reason, they are a clean and renewable energy source that saves, produces its own energy and, in addition, fights the damage that the planet may suffer.

In conclusion, considering setting up a solar facility is very logical at the time we are. That’s why more and more people are opting for clean energy. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.