If you are from the Murcia (Spain) and you have installed your Nostresol solar panels this 2020, you can request a rental discount of the 10% on this year’s rent. But remember, you must present the papers by December 31st!

How do I do that?

Going either to the Industry, in Murcia, or to the one-stop shop of your City Council, you can request this discount. The papers you will need to submit are:

  • The request (which we provide from Nostresol).
  • Invoice for your installation.
  • Approval of it, which you can ask us if you need it.
  • Id
  • Packing sheet

Once that process has been approved, a solar energy utilization box will appear in the rent. You’ll have to cross it out in order to benefit from the discount.

Maximum deduction base

According to Article 1.5 of the Consolidated Text of the legal provisions in force in the Region of Murcia on Assigned Taxes, approved by Legislative Decree 1/2010, of 5 November:

The amount and maximum limit of the deduction shall not exceed 10% of the investments made in the implementation of energy resource installation projects from the following renewable energy sources:

In addition, the applicable deduction limit is 1.000 euros per year. That is, the basis of the deduction consists of the amounts paid for the acquisition and installation of renewable energy resources, which have been borne by the taxpayer, without the maximum amount exceeding 10.000 euros.


  • The installation of renewable energy resources must be carried out in dwellings constituting or constituting the habitual residence of the taxpayer, or in which they are intended for leasing, provided that the latter is not considered to be an economic activity. The circumstances that determine that the lease of real estate constitutes economic activity are discussed within the concept: “return on taxable capital” in “other clarifications in relation to the concept of real estate capital yields”.
  • Prior recognition by the Regional Administration of its provenance in the manner determined by regulation.
  • The application of the deduction shall require that the verified amount of the taxpayer’s assets, at the end of the period of taxation, exceed the value of its verification at the beginning of the taxation, at least in the amount of investments made, in accordance with the requirements generally established by the state regulations regulating the IRPF.

In conclusion, if you live in Murcia and have done a Nostresol solar installation this year, remember that you can benefit from this discount. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.