manualidades navideñas zero waste

As you know, we always like to offer you sustainable alternatives for every moment. This year, we’ve taught you some sustainable crafts to do with children. In this way, we can enjoy as always, taking care of the planet a little more. That’s why today we want to show you some crafts that you can do at home (even with children!) to decorate your home on these dates. Watch out for these zero waste Christmas crafts!

Some materials you can use

  • Craft paper
  • Carton
  • Colored cardboards
  • Bottles
  • Paper rolls
  • Wool
  • Painting

With recyclable materials, you can generate very nice and visual decorations. Want to see some examples?

Cardboard tree

Making trees with cardboard seems complicated, but it’s as simple as making two equal bases with a central cut (one at the top and one at the bottom), and fitting them. You have for all tastes: simpler, more elaborate… In addition, you can decorate them with some of the ideas that we will give you below.

Hacer árboles con cartón parece complicado, pero es tan sencillo como hacer dos bases iguales con un corte central (uno en la parte superior y otro en la inferior), y encajarlas. Tienes para todos los gustos: más simples, más elaborados… Además, puedes decorarlos con alguna de las ideas que te daremos a continuación.

Manualidades navideñas "zero waste"
Manualidades navideñas "zero waste"

Christmas tree with recycled bottles

Another way to make a tree much greener is to recycle the glass bottles you use to assemble your Christmas tree. You can do this by creating a small wooden structure to put them on top.

Árbol con botellas recicladas

Tree balls with wool

Have you ever done pom-poms with wool? Well, that’s what it’s all about! Make pom poms of various sizes with wool of the color you like and decorate with them your tree to give it a renewed touch.

Árbol con pompones

Sustainable decorations for the tree in the shape of a flower or a star

Estrella navideña zero waste

Another option to combine with pom-poms, or to use separately, are these shaped like a star or flower. Just using rolls of kitchen or bathroom paper, a little paint, wool to hang it and the decorations you like the most, you will decorate the tree in a sustainable way.

Cut paper rolls of different diameters with a maximum thickness of two centimeters. Paint each of the color you want to make the star: it can be all of the same or combine it. Let them dry and stick them together as you like. Decorate, tie a knot with the wool or thread and hang it. Look how good it looks!

Christmas wreaths with pineapples

Corona navideña zero waste

To hang on the door or to put in the hall. How about a sustainable Christmas crown, made from pineapples? Look, with a cardboard base, pineapples, white paint (if you want to give a different effect) and a fabric bow, you can make a beautiful crown!

And this is just a few ideas. I’m sure there are a thousand more decorations you can make by taking advantage of other materials! Let your creativity run and put your grain of sand these parties being a little more sustainable. At Nostresol we will be happy to see your ideas, you can share them with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.