campo agrícola con paneles fotovoltaicos

Self-consumption of renewable energy is one of the most supported initiatives to ensure the sustainability of the planet. However, in order to use renewable energy in all areas of life, photovoltaic plantations need to be built. After duality of opinions between the placement of them, the idea of agrivoltage arises, which is based on balancing agricultural fields with photovoltaic installations.

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From conflict to compatibility

So far, there has always been quite controversy about the location of solar panel installations, as they have sometimes been carried out on arable land, generating negative opinions on this. On some occasion it has been stipulated to build them on non-arable land, but if these lands are far from the substations you have to build a large network that unite them.

With the idea of finding this balance, the idea of building solar plate plantations on land intended for agriculture was born, taking precedence over the viability of both activities and respect for the environment.

Benefits of agrivoltage

  • It allows you to take better advantage of land with great potential to extract solar energy: using them for agriculture and with solar panels.
  • Spaces with great qualities are used, thus allowing more spaces to be freed for other installations.
  • As plants lower the temperature, photovoltaic works better and is more efficient.
  • Panels can provide protection against excess sunstroke, hail, moisture maintenance…
  • More prosperous rural communities. Its agricultural activity could be added to that of the production of electricity by solar energy.

Agrovoltage has also been raised in urban areas, being able to place it on the roofs of cities. Although it is on a smaller scale, this option is also possible, especially in sunny areas such as Seville.

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