for investment in renewable energy sources

In order to make renewable energy accessible to most citizens, the Valencian Community and Mucia are two autonomies that income deductions for investment in renewable energy sources.

This autonomous deduction in the IRPF of an immediate nature is aimed at providing financial support to those who invest in renewable sources.

Which people can take advantage of this induction in the IRPF?

The taxpayers who can take advantage of this deduction are all those people who have installed a renewable energy system in their home for these purposes:

  • Thermal energy installations, whether or not they have the capacity to accumulate energy, to generate hot water from solar energy, biomass or geothermal.
  • Wind or photovoltaic installations whether or not they have storage capacity, for the electrification of homes isolated from the electricity distribution network and whose connection to it is technically, environmentally and/or economically unviable.
  • Electrical self-consumption facilities as set out in Article 9.1a of Law 24/201 of 16 December.

So, it is important to add that this deduction can be obtained whenever these facilities are established in the usual housing and in collective facilities of the buildings. However, it does not apply to those related to an economic activity or those facilities which are mandatory.

What other requirements should be met?

  • It is essential that such installations are carried out by the installation company which complies with the established regulations.
  • As mentioned above, the installation has to be done in the usual homes of the taxpayers. Such a deduction may be applied to domestic investments situated within the Valencian Community. The concept of habitual housing, for the purposes of the application of this deduction, is the content in the state regulatory regulations of the IRPF.
  • In the case of housing complexes in which shared facilities are made, on a horizontal property basis, this deduction may be applied individually according to the investment of each taxpayer, but must meet certain requirements and have legal coverage.
  • The autonomous administration, in the case of the Valencian community, will be the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness – IVACE, which must provide the accreditation certification in advance so that the deduction can be carried out.

If you have invested in renewable energies in your home within the Valencian Community and want to know more information about the basics of this deduction, application rules and deadlines, we recommend that you consult the model 100 on investment deductions in self-consumption installations of electric energy.

Deductions in Murcia

In the case of the Murcia region, there are also deductions applicable to the IRPF for the investment of renewable energy resources, established in model 100 on the return on income tax of natural persons.

In conclusion, you can install solar energy systems such as photovoltaic or thermosolar panels in your home to control your own energy production contributing to the environment. You can also bet on the Aerothermia system, with which you can get hot water through the air. If you bet on any of these sustainable solutions remember, you will be able to obtain autonomous income deductions for investment in renewable energy sources.

At NostreSol we want to present you the many advantages offered by self-consumption systems and show you the number of possibilities that you can choose. Contact us and answer your questions.