Huertos solares

¿Qué son los huertos solares?

Orchards or solar farms are large plots containing photovoltaic energy installations.

When it comes to a community photovoltaic installation, several groups of photovoltaic plates are owned by different inverters. The goal is to achieve together a shared space in which you can create your photovoltaic installation with all the infrastructures that are needed to do so. With a solar orchard, investors manage to accumulate energy and can then use it for personal use or sell it to the electricity grid making economic benefits with it.

They are also known as homemade urban orchards and it is common to find them on areas far from the city center. The most common is to place them in fields with little unevenness because this makes much better use of the amount of solar radiation.

One of these solar orchards is proven to be able to supply power to more than 100 families. Therefore, they become a more than profitable and profitable investment, not only for the owner, but also for the environment.

In addition to solar orchards, there are also solar parks, which are characterized by much larger dimensions than solar orchards. In many cases, solar farms, unlike orchards, are usually owned by a legal entity.

Main advantages of a solar orchard

  • Safe bet: by betting on a solar orchard, you are betting on the most infinite, clean and economical energy, the sun.
  • Mobile power and easy to install. When investing in a solar orchard, the most difficult thing may be to obtain a large plot, since what is the installation of solar panels, is the simplest of the process.
  • Waste 0. The photovoltaic plate system does not generate any kind of waste or consume fuel, all you need is the sun.
  • Profitability and savings. The savings are considerable as depreciation is usually visible within a few years.
  • Already exploited land is used. It is not necessary to create new land for installation, usually old agricultural spaces are used.
  • Aid and subsidies for sustainable energy development. In addition, it is essential to consider the aid that many autonomous communities provide for investing in environmental protection.

If after discovering what solar orchards are you would like to learn more, do not hesitate to contact us. Do you know any near your city?