Solar panels are an increasingly widespread source of clean energy. This is why, when performing a photovoltaic installation, several criteria must be taken into account. Among them, we must pay attention to the efficiency of photovoltaic cells, classification, durability, panel strength and guarantees. If you’re wondering how to evaluate the capacity and performance of your system, read on.

Features of solar panels that will allow you to evaluate the capacity and performance of your system

  • Output power. Photovoltaic solar panels vary depending on their peak power (Wp), i.e. their output power. This is the amount of energy they can produce. The data is indicated in the plate data sheet and allows you to know the effectiveness of the panels.
  • Tolerance. This feature indicates how much the actual power may differ (in %) of the data sheet. The lower this percentage, the better.
  • Performance. This data represents the efficiency of the solar panel. That is, the efficiency with which it produces electrical energy from solar energy. The higher the performance, the higher the amount of electricity will generate relative to the output power watts.
  • Temperature coefficient. A high temperature can reduce the power capture capacity of a panel. This data is helpful because it quantifies how the power of the panel decreases with the temperature when it exceeds 25 oC. This coefficient is usually a 1% reduction for every 2oC increase over 25oC.
  • Panel quality. High quality plates are slightly priced slightly higher, ensuring a 10% more than average annual yield compared to the rest of panels.
  • Durability. This aspect measures panel behavior in real-world conditions, i.e. the probability of surviving outdoors. To measure it, IEC 6125 is used, which takes into account the load of snow and wind, among other factors. The better its durability and behavior, the better it will withstand adverse weather effects.
  • Guarantees. Obviously, the guarantees offered are an important factor when it comes to analyzing the capacity, performance and productivity that you’re going to take out of your facility. Nostresol photovoltaic solar panels have a 25-year linear power warranty. In addition, we have a customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you look at all these aspects you will know if the photovoltaic plates that you have installed will allow you to really get the most out of your installation. If you have not yet decided to install them, do not hesitate to ask us for all the information you need. Nostresol stands for quality and commitment.