how long can my solar panels last

One of the most common questions when deciding to invest in a photovoltaic energy installation is how long can my photovoltaic panels last. It is logical to ask this question, since making such an investment requires being safe and well informed.

Photovoltaic solar panels usually have a fairly long lifespan, resulting in an excellent investment for those who install them. Considering that photovoltaic panels are in the open, while enduring extreme weather conditions, their installation is more than cost-effective and sustainable.

How does the degradation affect solar panels?

The course of time causes photovoltaic solar panels to suffer a slight decrease in performance. We have to understand it like any other machine we buy. For example, when you buy a computer, the first few months will work much faster than when you have had it for several years. But no need to worry, this decrease is very small and occurs by use.

Photovoltaic panels are generally degraded by approximately 0.5% per year. In addition, this degradation is often more evident in the first two years. Subsequently, the degradation is minor and the operation is maintained in compliance with the quality guarantees.

How long can my photovoltaic solar panels last?

Normally, after the warranty period we give from Nostresol, solar panels can continue to generate more than 80% of energy. Meaning that only the percentage corresponding to natural degradation will have been lost.

After 20 years, the panels may have lost 20% of their capacity. But, photovoltaic panels will continue to generate enough energy for your home for many more years to come. With proper maintenance and care, photovoltaic solar panels could last up to age 50 with 65% of their initial performance. Good treatment, proper cleaning and periodic maintenance can further extend the life of solar panels.

Thanks to its long life, the investment in a solar panel installation is an ecological and economical solution for energy production. In both companies and residential homes, it can be a significant saving, achieving a return on investment at 3 years.

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