Cómo ahorrar en tu factura de luz este verano

At NostreSol we give you some tips to learn how to save on your electricity bill this summer. Despite false beliefs, you can reduce your light consumption with small habits that won’t cost you much to internalize.

Every summer we look for the magic formula to save on our bills, but have you ever tried these tricks?

Change the air filter

It seems very obvious but many people recognize that they often forget to do a review or cleaning of the filters of their air conditioners at the beginning of summer. The more dust it accumulates, the harder it is to filter out fresh air, so it needs more power to work and that translates into more money on your bill.

Do your laundry and clean your home with cold water

In summer, it won’t be that difficult for you to use cold water for home cleaning and as a result you’ll notice or significant savings in energy consumption.

Locate the “valley hours” of your bill

What hours of day is the light cheaper? Then take advantage of them to perform those energy-intensive tasks. Getting used to using the cheapest hours within the time discrimination rate and save more than 33% energy on your bill.

The windows, always insulating

If our windows are somewhat obsolete you will surely have noticed that the air conditioning is leaking from the room. So, if you plan to renew the windows, always remember to invest in insulating windows because the savings will be more than considerable. There are also insulating curtains that help control and isolate heat.

Solar fans

Of course, a fan spends much less than an air conditioner, but if it’s also solar, better than better. The first solar roof fans are already on the market. A purchase more than recommended.

First hours of light to ventilate your home

Take advantage of the first hours of the day to ventilate your blade and generate current. Once the heaviest heat begins, close all windows and take advantage of the low temperature.

Betting on solar energy

Although all the above tricks are very effective, there is nothing more positive for your pocket and for the planet than investing in solar energy in your home. At NostreSol we inform you of everything you need to get started.

Now that we’ve told you how to save on your electricity bill this summer, contact us and start saving!