coches fotovoltaicos

There are already many car brands that are innovating and betting on photovoltaic energy. They intend to use this type of energy as the main source to boost their vehicles. Photovoltaic cars are a trend that arrives to stay.

Today, many brands dedicated to the technology and automotive sector collaborate with each other to maximize their resources and achieve a more technological and sustainable future. Today it is common for hybrid cars to take centre stage on the roads, in front of classic cars, powered by biodiesel. But it’s not common to hear about photovoltaic cars.

Unlike households, which fortunately already can harness the sun’s energy as the main source of supply, photovoltaic cars are still prototypes. Even so, there are already thousands of bookings of users interested in acquiring one for personal use.

Some brands claim that these cars could reach 725 kilometers of range. One example is Lightyear, which intends to launch its Lightyear One car next year 2021. This car is composed of five square meters of independent solar cells, able to function even if some of the parts of these panels are under the shade. The vehicle can also be driven at night or on a cloudy day, thanks to small batteries that make the car run like an electric car.

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