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Solar or solar thermal energy is the one that heats water with the sun. This energy consists in the use of the sun to generate heat, which can then be used to obtain hot water intended for domestic consumption.

Unlike the energy that is generated from fossil fuels – such as coal, natural gas and oil – solar energy is an inexhaustible and, therefore, infinitely renewable source. This energy has many other advantages. Among them, there is the fact that it does not consume fuel or generate any waste. It is clean and quiet, also suitable for rural or isolated areas.

When it comes to its operation, solar panels or solar thermal collectors harness the energy contained in solar radiation. Then it is transformed into thermal energy. Nostresol‘s solar panels have the most advanced technology on the market and only premium components are used in their production. Thermosolar energy is an increasingly economically affordable technology and contributes to sustainability. This is a good alternative to save money and, at the same time, take care of the planet.

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