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After the repeal of the so-known sun tax, the installation of solar panels represents a saving in the electricity bill of an average dwelling. In Spain there is an average of 2,250 hours of sun and solar irradiation per year. These hours vary depending on the province in which we are located. For example, in Biscay there are about 1,590 hours, while in Seville they amount to 2,906 hours of sunshine. This data varies depending on the time of year. By reading this, you are probably wondering: “How much money can I save, then?”

An average household with an annual consumption of 5,000 KWh would need an average of 14 solar panels installed. Taking this as an example and assuming that the hours of sunshine amount to 2,600, the installation of this number of solar panels would mean an average saving of 700 euros per year which, in turn, implies a decrease of up to 70% in the electricity bill. This would result in an investment that would be amortized in nine years and a total savings of 11,770 euros obtained in 25 years of life of the solar panels.

Today, the new regulations of the autonomous communities allow subsidies for anyone who wants to install solar panels for their own consumption. These aids amount to between 3,000 and 4,500 euros and are applied in a percentage manner on the total price of the installation. Grant support represents a 40-50% saving on the electricity bill.

Using solar panels is a good alternative if you want to save on light consumption. In addition, by benefiting from renewable energy, you are making a good contribution to help fight climate change. Find out now without obligation and a technician will contact you. What are you waiting for? Save now with Nostresol!