Proper maintenance is beneficial in many ways: extending the useful life of the devices, greater efficiency, faster recovery of the investment… In Nostresol we always emphasize the importance of good maintenance of solar panels and we have a good technical service to solve any incident with maximum agility.

What maintenance do they need?

The maintenance of solar panels should be based, mainly, on a periodic review of the different components, on the cleaning of the panels and the replacement of damaged or deteriorated plates. The purpose of these tasks is to guarantee the correct operation of the solar installation and to ensure the highest possible performance.

Your installation will always manage to generate the maximum of electricity when ideal conditions are met, which we are trying to achieve through the maintenance we are talking about in this post. You don’t need to make a great effort to maintain them, right?

Example of loss of performance

In order to advise our users on the best performance of the installations, we rely on our own studies and tests. An example of loss of performance could be, as we have said, due to lack of cleanliness of the panels.

The lack of cleaning can cause a loss of 8% efficiency, so it is important to study the installation area to avoid placing it in areas where there is a lot of dust or sand. On the other hand, in an installation with periodic cleaning we can ensure that the loss of efficiency is below 1%.

Preventive maintenance of solar panels

Waiting until there is a drop in the performance of the installation to solve it is a mistake that you should not let happen. Preventive maintenance will be the key to make your installation and each of its components more efficient and durable. Some of the functions can be performed by yourself, but we will take care of others without any problem!

Do you want to know more about it? Contact us and we will explain everything in detail and with your particular case. Each installation is different, so we always focus on our customers individually.