For years now, Christmas has become a time of high consumption. Christmas decorations, gifts, gatherings with family and friends…. Today we will try to advise you with the first, gifts and gatherings are up to you!

Christmas tree ideas and decorations

A key element of Christmas decoration is the Christmas tree. Many times people choose to buy plastic trees, but we, as always, will try to bring out your artistic side so you can create your own tree from recycled materials. Do you want some inspiration?

Are you not a big fan of big Christmas trees in your home? Don’t worry, we also bring you ideas for making tree crafts to decorate your rooms.

Leaving Christmas trees behind, there are many other decorations that you can use to give your home that warmth so characteristic of these dates. You can make felt figurines, cardboard cutouts with Christmas shapes or even Christmas wreaths! Pinecones can be a great ally.

Brighten up your home without spending a fortune!

As you well know, another key element of Christmas decorations are the lights. The streets are flooded with lights of all colors forming impressive drawings, but also homes acquire a different atmosphere when we put them up.

To be able to light up your home without spending a fortune or spending more energy than necessary, we recommend that you opt for energy-saving lights, such as LEDs. In addition, there are now bulbs of all shapes, even with Christmas motifs!

If you want your savings not only with Christmas lights, but throughout the year, switch to self-consumption of solar energy from our hand. Many homes have become part of the ecozone with our photovoltaic panels and are satisfied with the contribution to the environment and savings.

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