Today, more and more of us are concerned about making energy consumption sustainable and efficient. But in case there are those who still wonder why to opt for sustainability and energy efficiency, we will set out the main reasons and benefits of this type of energy consumption.

Why say yes to sustainability and energy efficiency?

Both sustainability and energy efficiency are considered policies to curb climate change. That’s why even if people and businesses tell us to implement solutions that reduce the impact on the environment, we must commit to creating a better future for the planet.

What is the most sustainable solution?

We must be borne in mind that development models are sought that do not have major impacts on society and the environment. Therefore, the development and promotion of renewable energies is essential to achieve sustainability and energy efficiency.

At the same time, this energy sustainability must be supported by measures to achieve ecological and social sustainability. Only in this way will the desired effects be achieved.

Why build energy-efficient buildings?

Many of the buildings and houses consume energy without taking advantage of renewable energy. The future demands fully sustainable buildings that meet a high level of energy efficiency.

Currently, more than three-quarters of the buildings in the cities of Spain have a G rating in the Certificate of Energy Efficiency, which is 10 times more consumption than category A buildings. This has very negative effects both in terms of pollution and the overuse of non-renewable resources.

Sustainable practices could mean stabilizing energy consumption. It would reduce emissions harmful to the environment and help achieve a better future for the planet.

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