There is a lot of information about one issue that should concern us all, ecology, sustainability and environmental impact. Therefore, from Nostresol and a day as special as book day, we want to share the opinion of great authors who speak openly about their overview through their works.

Silent Spring (Rachel Carson, 1962)

Considered one of the 20 most influential outreach books in history, Rachel warned of the chemical industry’s guilt about how pesticides were affecting ecosystems, marking a social-minded shift from Nature. This book laid the foundation for the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The planet of the stupid “Proposal to get out of the dung” (Juan López de Uralde, 2010)

It is interesting to see the personal vision of the former director of Greenpeace Spain regarding such crucial issues as climate change, water scarcity, the situation of the oceans or deforestation. This book is one of our recommendations as the author played a fundamental role in spanish awareness of the environmental movement.

The world without us (Alan Weisman, 2005)

Another of the indispensable books in this list. The author poses the impact on the planet if humans disappeared. A mental experiment that conceives the reaction of nature without our presence. A different view of the environment and ecology.

Earth’s vengeance. (James Lovelock, 2007)

Another of our recommendations is undoubtedly the work of author James Lovelock, in which he narrates how the earth is beginning to reveal itself due to the continued mistreatment he suffers from human beings. A book that opens the perspective on the guidelines to follow so that man can change habits in reference to climate change.

Zero waste at home: Home guide to simplify our life (Bea Johnson, 2017)

The zero waste movement is gaining strength in our lives and this book applies the principles to get started in a lifestyle that is undoubtedly necessary. The day-to-day consumption with zero consumption in waste is possible and in this practical guide explains how to do it.

The sixth extinction. (Elizabeth Kolbert, 2015)

Another book that criticizes the current consumption model carried out by man, and the consequences of mass destruction that we are able to cause because of pollution. An essential to understand what changes we need to take in our lives to avoid damage to the environment.

Trilogy “The day that…” Paola Calasanz (Dulcinea, 2017)

Finally, our last recommendation if you are a lover of romantic novels is the troology “The Day That…” Dulcinea. This trilogy has a very conscientious background, since its characters show a sustainable model of life and convey very favorable values with ecology. By order the books are The Day You Dream of Wild Flowers, The Day the Ocean Looks You In the Eye and The Day You Feel the Beating of the Stars.

Is time crazy? and 74 more questions about Climate Change , (Josep Enric, 2007)

We wonder why there are such sudden changes in temperature. We ask ourselves many questions that can be summed up in the guilt of polluting countries. A book that confronts the part of responsibility that lies with humans in the face of climate uncertainty.

Climate change. A reality (Isabel Ripa, 2011)

On the one hand, the causes and on the other the solutions. In this collaborative book between author Isabel Ripa and WWF Spain, there are all the keys to thaw, hibernate effect or global warming.

Blue planet, green planet. (Margalef, R. 1992)

Starting with what it is and how the concept “ecology” is born, Margalef shows the most basic concepts regarding this topic. The author, university professor studying around the world writes an essential book to understand the environment.

We hope that this list of books on sustainability and respect for the environment will become a before and after for your readers.