despidete de los químicos en tu casa

Before, it was impossible to think of washing of any surface without the help of soaps and detergents in general. Now, there is an ecological system that introduces active oxygen into the water, so it is no longer necessary to use any type of chemical. This system is called Clean Water compatible with any home tap, so it is used for cleaning multiple surfaces or objects. Switch to Clean Water and say goodbye to chemicals at home.

Advantages of using active oxygen as a replacement of detergents.

First of all, its operation is very simple, the Clean Water system is connected in any house faucet getting active oxygen to clean windows, cars, objects, floors and carpets, among other surfaces.

One of the most common appliances for use is the washing machine and it is proven that there are many advantages offered by this system.

On the other hand, the most noticeable advantage is the permanent abandonment of the use of detergents, soaps and softeners. Peroxides and bubbles from active oxygen penetrate our laundry, extracting dirt and odor. The result of castings is better than using artificial products.

This is the first evidence of the savings generated by using Clean Water by stopping purchasing cleaning products on a monthly basis.

In addition, another advantage to consider is that it is no longer necessary to use hot water for cleaning. Normally, to disinfect any surface we use hot water in order to remove fat, but this ecological system works with cold water. This is the second reason that shows us that we can save on our monthly electricity bill by avoiding the energy of the water heater.

The third reason why using Clean Water is that it is a very simple system that does not involve the purchase of add-ons or accessories. The eco-friendly system does not require maintenance because it does not use extra filters.

Finally, the last reason why using Clean Water at home is that it is a totally ECO system. Plastic containers, chemicals and hot water are no longer needed.

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