In these cold evenings what you most want is to stay at home and enjoy the warmth of home while you do the things you like, but if you want to innovate, we bring you some plans that you will surely like.

Make time for yourself and enjoy cold evenings.

  • How long have you been putting off the moment to start that book you got or bought some time ago? It’s time to do it!
  • Activate your cook mode and surprise your palate. If you like food, you’ve probably seen a recipe or two on social media that has caught your attention and you’ve saved it. A fun plan can be to choose one of them and cook it, a perfect plan both alone and in company.
  • Time to rearrange the cupboards. To start, we advise you to make a review of everything you have in your house and extract what you have not used for a long time (you will be surprised how many things you did not remember you had). Now, with all these things you have taken out, whether they are objects or clothes, sift through what you are going to reuse and what you definitely don’t want and donate it to someone who will give it a better use.
  • Do you have that thorn in your side of not knowing how to do something you would have always liked to learn? Don’t worry, you are in the age of courses! Nowadays you can learn to do almost anything from your own sofa and covered with a blanket, you only need electricity and desire, we take care of the first thing!
  • Redecorate your house. It is not necessary to change everything at once, but small changes and improvements, in many occasions, produce satisfaction and happiness. You can start with some changes in lighting or decorative elements, and if you want to start making crafts and recycling things you already have, it will be even better!

Heat your home with renewable energy for self-consumption

At Nostresol we have the necessary means to keep your home warm during cold evenings.

  • Solar thermal energy: Solar thermal energy consists of harnessing the sun to generate heat that can be used to produce hot water for domestic water consumption.
  • Photovoltaic energy: Photovoltaic solar energy directly transforms sunlight into electricity using a technology based on the photovoltaic effect.
  • Aerothermal: It is a renewable energy obtained from the environment. It takes cold or hot air from the outside and pumps it into the appliance, generating hot water with minimum consumption.