Ventajas del autoconsumo solar

Taking care of the environment while generating your own energy is something that more and more people do. We live in a country where the sun shines for most days. Photovoltaic installations are more than installed in Spain because the advantages of solar self-consumption are many and we want to explain them below.

Savings on bill payment

In 2018, the “sun tax” that hindered the path of self-consumption by making the user pay a series of taxes was repealed that made it difficult for the profitability of its own photovoltaic installations. This no longer exists, so people will consume their own energy saving from the zero minute on their electricity bill.

Short depreciation of the cost of purchase and installation.

There are two factors that allow you to repay your investment in a self-consumption equipment faster and faster. One is the progressive and annual cost of energy that typically increases by 3.5% more each year. And another is the rapid growth of technology companies that manage to allow the price of solar panels to fall.

Near-zero maintenance.

Maintaining a self-consumption team can extend its life for an average of 30 years. Nostresol specialists are with you all year round to keep your facilities ready.

Zero worries.

Prejudices about photovoltaic installations are diverse. The bureaucratic theme, the installation project and so on. But at Nostresol we take care of all these aspects and put the things very easy for you so that you only have to worry about enjoying your energy savings.

Now you know what are the main advantages of solar self-consumption. Solar energy is the present and the future and with Nostresol you have it very easy to start. What are you waiting for?