manualidades sostenibles para hacer en casa

On many occasions it is difficult to find these little gaps to encourage the creativity of the little ones in the house. Now, with the situation we are experiencing, it is the best time to seize the opportunity to recreate sustainable crafts to make at home as a family in a fun and ecological way.

Here are some ideas so you can make them with disused recyclable items that we have at home.

Scale made with hangers and glasses of yogurt.

A very simple game that can be manufactured with everyday objects is the balance made with hangers and yogurt containers. Learning to balance balance balances is a fun and interactive game for kids and the scale is a fantastic idea to do it.

First, drill two holes in each yogur container. Make holes near the edge of the vessels and on opposite sides.

Next, we need to incorporate into each container a rope of the same measure that we will subsequently attach it to the ends of a hanger.

Finally, the hanger can be hung on any doorknob or even in the clothes shopkeeper. Children will be able to play to compare which of their favorite dolls has the most mass.

Pen with rolls of toilet paper.

Toilet paper roll cartons are great for making simple crafts. These cartons are always at home and are rarely given a second life.

First of all, we’ll need several rolls of cardboard. The bigger you have, the bigger the pen. To make the craft more original, we will give each cardboard a different height.

Then comes the most personal phase of crafting, coloring the cartons. The more colorful they are, the more fun the result will be.

Finally, all these cartons should be glued on a common base.

As are commendation, we can make a cardboard circle with a cereal box, for example.

The recycled shower

Another idea very always and that will help us to show the importance of recycling to the little ones is the shower made with plastic bottles.

This idea is most complete as children not only learn to recycle, they also value the importance of plants in our ecosystem.

The craft is as simple as reusing any plastic bottle of detergent, soda or similar and decorating it to taste. We’ll make a few little holes in the bottle cap and that’s it.

Now is time for you to have fun as a family by recreating these simple sustainable crafts in which you won’t need to buy anything. At Nostresol, we would love to see the result. Do you cheer up?