cambios en la nueva ley de consumo energetico

The new law of energy self-consumption places the citizen in the center, according to the Spanish Photovoltaic Union. This new regulation allows free access to the production and sale of energy. This also benefits the citizen’s economy and the environment.

The most important changes to this new law are:

  • Tax elimination. That is, the so-called sun tax is eliminated. The aim is for more citizens to decide to invest in renewable energy for their home.
  • Sale of surplus energy. With this new regulation there are two models of self-consumption: with and without surpluses. This means that unconsumed energy can be sold to the grid. Thus, a discount equivalent to the energy sold will appear on the monthly bill. However, there is a limit, as the amount deducted may not exceed the amount to be paid for the energy consumed.
  • Individual users and blocks of flats. According to the new law, it will be possible to install solar panels in the blocks of flats, provided that there is an agreement between the neighbors.
  • Power installed. The boundary is now on the surface allowed by the roof of the building or house.
  • Simpler procedures. The procedures are reduced to carrying out the certificate of electrical installation of the solar panels and notifying the energy distribution company and the autonomous community.

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