Self-consumption is based on electrical production at the same point where it is consumed, or a very close one. It helps to promote the energy transition and fight climate change, while saving on your electricity bill.

Energy self-consumption has many benefits. Some of them are:

  • It empowers consumers, emancipating them from their dependence on large power plants.
  • Saves on the electricity bill.
  • It contributes to the fight against climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Minimizes losses in transportation and distribution of electricity.
  • Generates local, stable and qualified employment.
  • Increases the energy efficiency of buildings.

Self-consumption is regulated in Spain by Royal Decree 244/2019, of April 5, which regulates the administrative, technical and economic conditions of the self-consumption of electricity. It regulates the different possible types of energy self-consumption in our country and the technical and administrative conditions that the facilities must meet. It also speaks to the economic regime to which the facilities can be accommodated.

If you want to switch to self-consumption with Nostresol, do not hesitate. Find out without obligation and a technician will contact you. Welcome to the age of self-consumption!