Por qué instalar placas solares en casa

More and more homes and companies that have an installation of solar panels. The number of people interested in harnessing clean energy has been increasing in recent years and, following the repeal of the sun tax, more. But why choose to install solar panels at home?

There are several reasons why installing solar panels at home is a good idea. It is true that the installation of the plates is an expense, but it is a mistake to see it as such, because it really represents a long-term investment.

In addition, this investment is environmentally friendly as it is a renewable and sustainable energy. As solar energy is an energy that allows autonomous consumption, it represents a form of saving on the electricity bill, since less and less will be needed the common electricity grid thanks to the accumulation system.

It should be noted that solar panels are composed of reliable and durable materials. In general, the modules have a performance warranty of up to 25 years. Moreover, photovoltaic plates are resistant to sudden temperature variations and severe weather conditions.

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