60% of the big Spanish cities reward all those who use solar energy as a form of self-consumption with a discount in the IBI. Approximately 47 cities currently bet on sustainability. For this reason, they reduce the Property Tax and the Tax on Installations, Constructions and Works to all those who install solar self-consumption.

According to Renewables Foundation data, the discounts applied to the IBI can amount to up to 50%. As for The ICIO, the discount can reach 90%. All these bonuses last, on average, about three years, but can reach 30.

In the head, with higher figures of bonuses, highlight Cordoba, Seville or Getafe. All these benefits, are aimed at promoting the installation of systems that take advantage of solar energy to generate energy for self-consumption. In this way, more and more municipalities are added to the list of localities with deductions in the IBI and The ICIO for those with solar installations.

Royal Decree 2/2004 says that municipalities can give bonuses in the IBI to those buildings that install solar thermal or photovoltaic systems. However, as long as they have not been installed mandatory. In the case of private properties, they correspond from 30% to a 50% bonus for, minimum, 3 years.

Who can recieve the discount?

It should be noted that the beneficiaries of the bonus depend on the province in which it applies. In provinces where both individuals and companies are rewarded, they must meet certain requirements:

  • They must not be subject to or other than the horizontal division regime for residential use.
  • If they are, they must have a shared facility to supply solar power to all floors or, at least, some of them. Only those who are linked to the installation will benefit from the discount.


Regardless of whether or not they are included in horizontal division regime, the bonuses are:

  • 30% or 50% in residential properties.
  • 25% for the rest, depending on the province.

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