que son las comunidades energeticas locales

Local energy communities are legal entities made up of a group of partners. These partners, voluntarily and with cooperative participation, set their objectives in obtaining energy, social, environmental and economic benefits, for members of a community or third parties.

This type of communities focus their activity on the production of renewable energies, their distribution, accumulation and consumption. In addition, they can also be dedicated to the provision of other sustainable energy services, such as the provision of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Spain does not yet have specific regulation in this regard. However, the European Union is developing the directives that will mark the sector at Community level. Royal Decree-Law 15/2018 of 5 October 2018 on urgent measures for energy transition and consumer protection is a first step in the political will towards the positive legal development of renewable energy. It is therefore an open door to speeding up the applications of the European Directives in Spain.

Local energy communities have burst into the renewable energy landscape as a collaborative method of developing and implementing the collective awareness of sustainability. In addition, the Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings has published the “Guide to the Development of Instruments for the Promotion of Local Energy Communities“. This has opened up the possibility of supporting the establishment and financing of pilot projects in Spain.

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