One of the most widespread doubts is how much a photovoltaic installation costs. But, this question, you cannot answer it lightly. The price of solar energy installations is very variable and depends on several factors to study before making a budget.

What factors influence the budget of a photovoltaic installation?

As we said, there are some variables to consider before you know how much your installation will cost. Among others, the most noteworthy are:

  • The installed power.
  • The quality of the equipment and its composition.
  • The characteristics and inclination of the roof on which the panels will be placed.
  • The difficulty of assembly.

What components does a photovoltaic installation have?

A photovoltaic installation can vary in price depending on its components: photovoltaic modules, structures, generation inverter, AC and DC wiring, protection box, consumption meter and batteries, if required.

Prices depend on the quality and quantity of systems in each installation, the assembly site and the difficulty of the installation process. For this reason, it is difficult to establish how much a photovoltaic installation costs without studying each particular case.

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