Saving on your electricity bill with solar energy has never been easier and more efficient. Spain is characterized by having a lot of sunny days, a fact that can become a great ally in power generation. Therefore, it can also be positive to achieve a saving thanks to solar power, very noticeable in the electricity bill. You can calculate the approximate savings in any calculator by doing a Google search.

Sunlight has enormous energy power. For example, in the north, Spain receives an irradiation of more than 3 kWh per square meter. This could mean the amount of energy that three appliances need together at once.

What factors influence the savings and optimization of your photovoltaic installation?

A Nostresol photovoltaic system can, as we have repeatedly said, save you up to 70-80% on your electricity bills. But why? What are the factors that influence the optimisation of the solar panels?

  • In the first place, as we have said, because the sun has great energy power. That is why, with solar radiation, you can generate the energy necessary for self-consumption at home.
  • We will also take into account the reception of energy. If the photovoltaic plate is high and, therefore, does not have any type of obstacle that limits the reception of energy, it will be much more efficient.
  • And, obviously, the number of panels that form the installation is also a factor to be taken into account. More energy will be produced if you have more plates. Even so, each case requires a previous study to know how many the specific installation needs to supply that specific place.

Save up to 70% on your electricity bill

The first step to start saving on your bills is to install solar energy. But, if you also make a change of habits towards a more responsible and sustainable consumption, you can manage to reduce your energy expenses up to 70 or 80%. Some of these habits, as we told you in a previous post, are:

  • Taking advantage of natural light.
  • Do not leave the lights on.
  • Do not use hotter water than necessary

Being more sustainable and saving on your bills is up to you. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can study your case.