como ser más eficiente energéticamente

Taking care of our planet is everyone’s business. That is the reason why we need to change our habits little by little so that each of us actively contributes to greater energy efficiency and acts towards greater sustainability. At this point, you may wonder: and how to be efficient in energy consumption?

Read on and discover our recommendations so you can collaborate and get a better world, without even realizing it.

Tips to be more energy efficient

As we said, the trick to be more energy efficient in your day to day and at home is to progressively change your habits towards some much more sustainable:

  • Use efficient appliances. For instance, those marked with A+++ are the ones that produce the lowest energy consumption, so it is preferable that, when you buy a new one, you look for this certification.
  • Switch to energy-efficient LED bulbs. You’ll notice it on the electricity bill, but so will the planet.
  • Don’t go over the phone with the air conditioners and the heaters. Use the devices responsibly, creating an adequate temperature but not forcing them.
  • Also, try to get around by public transport, bicycle or on foot, whenever possible. Lose effects of gases expelled by cars are more than known, so it is preferable to avoid their use whenever possible. In addition, it would be ideal to be able to use electric vehicles to move to sustainable mobility.
  • Take advantage of renewable energy sources. Know the self-consumption and join it, for example, with solar panels. As a result, you’ll have a much more sustainable energy consumption and reduce the costs of your electricity bills.
  • Watch the doors and windows. Opening curtains or raising blinds can cause us to make a lower energy consumption during the day. This is done both by the possibility of using natural light, and by the pleasant temperature that can be achieved when the sun warms a room. In addition, we must check that both doors and windows are well closed in cold weather, to avoid having to turn on an air conditioning device without it really being necessary.
  • Avoid ghost consumption. That is, try to unplug from the light all those devices that they continue to consume even if they are not on. This happens with washing machines, mobile phone chargers, TVs, hair dryers… You can solve this problem by unplugging them from the light or simply by using a switch strip.
  • Don’t abuse hot water. Reduce the water temperature by a few degrees to save on the electricity bill as well. For example, don’t use such hot water in the shower, faucet, or washing machine.
  • Install fans in summer. It may not seem like the same thing, but a fan can lower the thermal sensation up to 4 degrees. This fact will make you turn on the air conditioners less often and therefore be more efficient and save on your bills.
  • Turn off the lights! Squeezing a switch is a simple gesture that can save you significant energy. So, don’t leave the light on when you leave a room, no matter how much it’s just for a few minutes.

Come on, make an effort and start introducing these habits into your daily routine. And if you want to know more about Nostresol‘s solar energy installations, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation to receive a visit from a technician who studies your case.