When we have our own company, we always want to do it right and, in turn, try to reduce costs to the maximum. In this post, we will give you some tips to save and be more sustainable in your company. In this way, you can be greener and save, because if you follow the recommendations, you will notice a reduction in the costs on your energy bills.

Solar energy to save and be more sustainable

There is a widespread thought that a self-consumption energy facility is too expensive to achieve profitability. But this is not the case. Investing in self-consumption energy from inexhaustible sources such as the Sun will return you a profitability in saving your bills that you will notice from the first month.

This is why, from Nostresol, we recommend that you perform an installation of photovoltaic plates. To do this, our technicians can make a visit without any obligation and study your specific case, offering you the best alternative for the conditions of your company.

Don’t pay more than you shoyld for electricity and gas

When choosing a electricity and gas tariff, you can’t do it without first studying all the possibilities to get the cheapest one. You can use a light comparator for this purpose, as it is a free online tool that has been specifically arranged for that purpose.

It is always advisable to consider making an investment in renewable energy installations, since you will no longer rely on electricity companies to have energy. But, remember that you must be connected to a network and, therefore, it is essential that you know how to find which one is best for you.

Tips to be more sustainable in your business

Now, if you want to continue betting on a more sustainable company, that offers ecological solutions and returns to its environment everything that it gives, you can always follow these recommendations:

  • Promote positive consumption habits by encouraging your employees to have more sustainable routines. In your business there should be rules such as: turning off the equipment at the end of the day, not forcing the air conditioning devices…
  • Use efficient electrical appliances. You should have electrical appliances with an energy efficiency of A+++ or nearby and take into account the energy label and performance when purchasing new ones.
  • Recycle and have them recycle. Provide recycling facilities in your business, put bins so everyone can recycle effectively and easily.
  • Minimize paper use. This means that, at the moment we are living, you don’t need to print everything or take notes by hand. It is preferable to encourage the processes digitization and to use fewer printers and photocopiers.
  • Take advantage of renewable energy, as we have said, is the best way to save and be sustainable in your company. Also, believe it or not, you’ll notice a return on investment in saving your bills almost immediately.

If you want to ask for more information about our photovoltaic installations, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation. At Nostresol we bet on committed companies, are you one of them?