todo lo que necesitas saber sobre la inversión en energía solar

When we want to do an investment in solar energy and installing our first photovoltaic boards at home, we ask ourselves a number of questions related to installation, operation or profitability. Therefore, from Nostresol we solve all these issues that you need to know in order to take the step towards clean energy.

How do solar panels work?

First, the main thing is to understand is how these work and how such energy conversion may occur. Solar panels are composed of photovoltaic cells, which in turn are composed of semiconductor materials. These, when exposed to sunlight, react by releasing electrons that are subsequently channeled creating electricity. To achieve AC power, i.e. ideal for home consumption, it is also necessary to use inverters. This whole process is known as photovoltaic effect.

How long do solar panels last?

One of the most valued features of solar panels is their long service life and the simple maintenance they require. The panels have a high resistance to adverse weather conditions and only require 1 or 2 cleanings per year. Regarding the maintenance of the plates, it is important to check the battery status. We must also inspect the wiring to verify the correct connection, in this way preventive maintenance is achieved that helps to increase profitability and service life.

Does my home allow these solar panels to be installed?

Of course, in one of the few cases that it is not advisable to install solar panels is a house that has a roof in bad condition.

In the rest of the cases, it’s possible. It is important to study the orientation, since what is sought is the maximum sun exposure avoiding shadows or trees around. As a rule, it is best to look for the south orientation, but if this is not possible, there are alternatives that also achieve high energy efficiency. Spain, is the country that produces the most solar irradiation in Europe and we must take advantage of it.

How much does a photovoltaic installation cost?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, which is that you have to take into account the factors that will influence a budget. If you want to know them, we explain them in more detail in: How much does a photovoltaic installation cost?

Can I apply for State aid at the installation of my self-consumption system?

Yes, now you can benefit from many aids that IVACE, Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness puts in place in its energy planning objective in the field of the Valencian Community. In addition to tax deductions in the IRPF for self-consumption and renewable energy, they are also available for the promotion of self-consumption electricity facilities, as well as support for energy savings and efficiency and renewable energies 2020.