objetos que funcionan con energía solar

A few weeks ago, we showed you some of the inventions and solar-powered objects that work mainly with solar energy. For example, we talk about solar backpacks, children’s toys or even a barbecue. Today, we continue to know new objects that promote clean and ecological energy consumption.

Solar wireless keyboards

Solar keyboards are an invention that has been in place on the market for years. In case you didn’t know them, it’s a keyboard that looks the same as conventional keyboards. But, with the peculiarity of incorporating a few small solar panels on top.

This keyboard is compatible with any device thanks to its Bluetooth connection. And, the most curious thing is that it feeds on indirect light, that is, you don’t need to have this keyboard for hours in the sun.

Windows that are actually solar panels

Another advance with a very promising future is 100% transparent solar panels. Aesthetically they are like conventional crystals, but with the ability to produce solar energy.

This invention can revolutionize the way we consume energy since we can replace the window glass of any building with this material, taking advantage of the same space that the crystals now occupy, without harming the visual impact.

Portable solar cooking machine

Just as we’ve already delved into solar barbecue, today, we know portable solar cooking machine. It is an invention designed to be transported anywhere. Its weight is very small and can be mounted very easily.

Its operation is characterized by accumulating solar energy in the form of a reflector. In this way, it is able to redirect the useful heat to the vessel in question.

Photovoltaic solar shingles

Another objective when installing a self-consumption system is to take advantage of the space of each house in the optimal way. Just as we have known solar windows, there are also solar shingles, that is, in the same design the conventional shingle is embedded the photovoltaic plate. This means that visually the house in question will not use more space for a separate installation, but the same infrastructure of your house will be designed to be an ECO home.

At Nostresol we are committed to the implementation of these ecological initiatives that will change the way we consume in the future. What invention of those we present to you today is the one you would like to try?