Energía solar

Solar energy is a clean energy that is obtained from the different forms of solar radiation that reach Earth. In addition to not causing any negative impact on the planet, it is sustainable because it uses an unlimited resource: the Sun. At Nostresol we are committed to using thermosolar, photovoltaic and aerothermal energies for self-consumption, but what if we only consume this type of energy?

Beneficial to the environment

Undoubtedly, one of the changes we would most notice is the positive impact on the environment. The use of clean energy is one of the most prosperous bets to reverse the critical situation our planet is going through. In fact, more and more governments are granting aid to individuals who choose to use solar energy for self-consumption, for example, Spain.

Global and cost-effective availability

One of the advantages of this energy is that it can be used in all parts of the world, being able to reach remote places where the electricity grid does not reach. In addition, once installed, economical and simple maintenance is needed that guarantees its proper operation for more than 30 years.

Widespread savings

Thanks to advances, the costs of the technologies using these energies have been reduced. That’s why it’s becoming more cost-effective to use solar energy for self-consumption. In fact, if we were all using this energy, greater investment capacity would be achieved to investigate the production of even more efficient and economical transformers.

Self-consumption capacity and surplus sales

In addition to the use of clean energy, the importance of energy efficiency is increasingly recalled. Achieving efficient consumption can allow you to generate more energy than is used in your home. In this way, there are surpluses from which you can acquire remuneration, making the investment even more profitable.