Last year 2019 we began to talk about the prices with which, each power company, would compensate self-consumption companies that pour into the grid the energy that they have left over. At the end of the year, the National Market and Competition Commission published all the information for energy marketers to work on starting to offer the surplus bonus at the start of 2020. Now, at what price are solar panel surpluses purchased?

As of March 1 of this year, companies reward energy not consumed by customers who have a legalized photovoltaic or self-consumption facility. With the eSios System, you can therefore check how much surpluses are being paid.

Who can enjoy the bonus?

As we have said, for surpluses to be paid, you must give the electricity company the produced energy that you do not use. However, the price applies to consumers with a Small Consumer Voluntary Price (PVPC) supply contract, as long as they have the contract with a marketer that is limited to the simplified self-consumption compensation mechanism.

This mechanism is regulated in Royal Decree 244/2019 of April 5. Through it, it is rewarded with a reduction of its electricity bill to the self-consumer that integrates its generated and unconsumed energy into the grid.

How do I know the price at which I will be compensated for surplus energy?

The remuneration that the self-consumption will obtain is the result of subtracting, at the average hourly price ((based on the result of the daily and intraday market for each hour of the day), the cost of the deviations. Access tolls are not take into account here.

In this way we have previously advanced that, the website of the operator of the eSios system publishes, every day, the prices of surplus energy compensation for the next day.

Other requirements to sell electricity from your solar panels

To be able to sell this excess energy, you must:

  • Be connected to the network and have a light contract with a marketer.
  • Have a two-way counter, which allows you to record the energy balance.
  • Do not benefit, at the same time, from any additional remuneration regime.
  • Do not exceed, with solar installation, the power of 100 kW.

After knowing the requirements, it should be noted that you can save even more by taking advantage of the IBI bonuses for the installation of solar panels in many towns in Spain.

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