Ventajas de la energía solar en la Comunidad Valenciana

The Valencian Community is a favorable place to live: rich Mediterranean food, a pleasant climate, wonderful landscapes… What you probably didn’t know is that it’s also good to invest in solar energy for self-consumption.

Annual sunstroke in Spain

We all agree that one of the factors that benefits the profitability of solar panels is the number of hours of light your home receives. In general, Spain is a country where the sun shines longer than in the European average. However, as we analyze from the north to the south of the country we see how there are some differences to consider.

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Resource from: Instituto Geográfico Nacional

As we can see on the map, the Valencian Community is one of the most hours of establishment receives, especially the province of Alicante, which occupies one of the first positions at the national level. This is certainly a great benefit for your self-consumption, as you will achieve greater supply stability and greater profitability of your plates, in the same way that the time of amortization of the installation will be reduced.

Financial aid for solar panels in the Valencian Community

Aid for energy self-consumption with solar panels is not the same throughout the Valencian Community, is specific in each town hall and can be complemented by each other. In addition, it should be noted that a work license is required to benefit from them. The bonuses that can be accessed are:

IBI Bonus (Real Estate Tax)

  • Castellón: Bonus percentage: 50.00%; 1-10 years; Minimum power of 5 Kw/100m2.
  • Valencia: 50.00%; 3 years; Minimum power of 5 Kw/100m2.
  • Elche: 50.00%; 3 years; Minimum power of 5 Kw/200m2.
  • Alicante: it doesn’t have.

ICIO Bonus (Tax on Buildings, Facilities and Works

  • Castellón: Bonus percentage: 95%
  • Valencia: 95%. Minimum power of 5 Kw/100m2
  • Elche: 95%
  • Alicante: it doesn’t have.

Now that you know some of the advantages of solar panels if you reside in the Valencian Community, if you are interested in moving to energy self-consumption and want to know how these factors affect your home and how to take advantage of them, do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you all the details.