que es la energia aeortermica

Aerothermal energy is a renewable energy obtained from the environment, specifically from air. The aerothermal system uses hot or cold air from the outside and pumps it into the appliance generating hot water with minimal consumption. Using inexhaustible energy does not generate direct CO2 emissions, thus helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Aerothermal systems are heat pumps designed to provide hot water throughout the year, allowing its use in both summer and winter. These systems obtain about 70% of the air energy and only a small part of the electricity. In addition, aerothermal energy has a high level of performance and energy efficiency. Maintenance costs, on the other hand, are very low and the return on investment occurs in a short time. Added to these advantages is the fact that it does not use fossil fuels and also supplies a single type of energy without generating fumes or waste.

Its operation is simple, as it draws the energy from the outside environment and cedes it to the water to generate sanitary hot water. Airblastheat heat pumps are designed for maximum performance in severe weather conditions.

The consumption of a NostreSol aerothermal apparatus is 350W, i.e. approximately what 6 60W bulbs consume. This low consumption makes it a more affordable technology economically and contributes to sustainable development. Thus, it is a renewable energy system that saves.

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